19 Subtle And Severely Minimalist Tattoos

19 Subtle And Severely Minimalist Tattoos

Not quite ready for large pieces but want to get some inking of your own? Here are some minimalist tattoo ideas for you to start with.
Artist unknown.
There's nothing wrong with getting simpler tattoos that are often made with single needles. It doesn't automatically make you a part of the often criticised yet generally harmless subculture of hipsters. Not that it's such a bad thing. And a liking for subtle and often perceived as feminine tattoos like these does not reduce the level of your testosterone.

There are all kinds of tattoos and tattoo enthusiasts. Not every tattoo has to have some kind of meaning so deep you can see Adele rolling in it. Some tattoo lovers simply like the way lines and geometric shapes balance or look symmetrical on their bodies, exactly the way they want in. And even some of the most heavily tattooed of them all like to get minimalist tattoos like these once in a while.
Blackwork helix tattoo by by Jaya Suartika
minimalist geometric tattoo by Josh Barnes
Treble anchor tattoo by Damien Ornelas
I don't even mind that it's a symbol as overused as the anchor—it looks nice.
Minimalist face tattoo by Josh Barnes
If you're feeling adventurous and aren't afraid to get a little bit of ink on your face, tattoos like these will do the trick.
Bee finger tattoo by Dr Woo
Leave it to Dr. Woo to make some fine lines on tattoos that even your disapproving momma would like.
Parallel leg bands by Josh Barnes
by Chaim Machlev
Or if straight lines are a little to mainstream for you, go with curves.
Arm dots by Jon Boy
Spine line via blackedoutinoregon / Tumblr
by Mariano Abilar
Minimalist behind-the-ear tattoo by Josh Barnes
Looking for more behind-the-ear tattoo ideas? There's more here, here, and over here.
Minimalist sternum tattoo by Jon Boy
If underboob tattoos aren't really your thing, maybe you'll appreaciate something like this minimalist sternum tattoo.
by Owen Yu
Pinkie finger tattoo by Jon Boy
Minimalist line tattoo
Hand seam by Lusi
Wrist line tattoo by Jon Boy
via wemightaswell / Tumblr
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