20 Classic & Traditional Rose Tattoos

20 Classic & Traditional Rose Tattoos

If eastern tattooing has the lotus then western tattooing has the rose.
The pinnacle of classic flower tattoos roses have an almost endless list of meanings; romance, love, sorrow, life, death etc. Now when it comes to rose tattoos you can go one of two ways, old school or contemporary!
Old school rose tattoos cover the classic simple and bold rose design, where as contemporary rose tattoos can be anything from dotwork to watercolor and even abstract! The choice between the styles can be a difficult one as at the end of the day classic or modern rose tattoos both make a great piece of ink... but can you really beat a traditional rose tattoo!! They're simple, bold and a timeless classic in western tattooing!! Here are 20 of the best traditional rose tattoos to show you why they are a classic and why you should get one!!
Intense black rose tattoo by Hillary Fisher-White
Badass Panther Rose Tattoo by Bradley Tompkins
Traditional Rose Nurse by Tony Nilsson
Great Hand Rose Tattoo by ​Justin Lamoreux
Cool tattooing Tattoo by Alex Bage
Brilliant stuff by Chad Koeplinger
Bold work by Christos Tattoos
Awesome Mum Rose by Dan Nelson
Traditional Rose Tattoo by Jason Ochoa
Jenn Small made this piece her own!!
Love this tattoo by Frank William
Fantastic tattoo by Javier Rodriguez
Some hardcore tattooing by Joe Bruce
Traditional Rose Tattoo by John Hill
Some old school styling by Lenny Lenert
Classic placement for a classic tattoo by Max Kuhn
Traditional Rose Tattoo by Nick Colella
Awesome stuff by Robert Ryan
Traditional Rose Tattoo by Steve Boltz
Kickass piece by Zach Nelligan
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