20 Fierce Old School Leopard Tattoos

20 Fierce Old School Leopard Tattoos

Lion, tiger and panther dominate the market of 'big cat' tattoos, but these leopard tattoos will show they are just as cool as other cats!
Big Cat tattoos are an old school classic, tigers, panthers and lions have been an iconic tattoo image for decades and continue to be so. Yet there is another classic big cat tattoo that is a little less common than its counterparts, leopard tattoos are equally as awesome as a crawling panther or proud lion but do not always get the recognition and appreciation they deserve. Leopard tattoos are seriously badass!!
Leopards have had a place as a cultural symbol for centuries and they have significant roles in both folk lore and mythology. In some cultures a leopard was a representation of royalty, kingly castes and the warrior spirit. Priests in Ancient Egypt wore leopard skins as protection from evil! Leopard tattoos share similar characteristics as the classic lion, tiger and panther tattoos such as the crawling stance, ferocious look and bold shape. What sets them apart however is the color and pattern the decorates the leopards body! Making for some serious big cat ink leopard tattoos are a tattoo you should definitely consider if you're looking for a traditional tattoo that's not the norm!
Leopard Arrow Tattoo by Jonas Nyberg
Crawling Leopard Tattoo by Fergus Simms
Bold Work by Tomas Garcia
Leopard Dagger Tattoo by El Bara
Awesome Leopard Head Tattoo by Fergus Simms
Leopard Headdress by Henry Lewis
Fierce Leopard Tattoo by Alex Wild
Leopard Tattoo by Dan Smith
Leopard Woman Tattoo by Tyler James Densley
Cool Piece by Mikael Harrstedt
Leopard Tattoo
Great Work by Jason Phillips
Leopard Woman Tattoo by El Bara
Love This Tattoo by Karl Wiman
Badass Leopard Tattoo by Michele L'Abbate
Vibrant Leopard Tattoo by Mikey Holmes
Brilliant Tattoo by Morten Transeth
Leopard Weapon Tattoo by Tony Talbert
Leopard Woman Tattoo By Andrea Giulimondi
Cool Snow Leopard Tattoo by Christian Lain