20 Robust Lumberjack Tattoos

20 Robust Lumberjack Tattoos

Lumberjacks are what a man should be and when they're not cutting down trees they're inspiring awesome lumberjack tattoos!!
Lumberjack is the name traditionally given to a person who works in the logging industry, primarily with the harvesting and cutting of trees. For many the image of a lumberjack draws on the pre-1945 era of logging where most of the work was done by hand with tools like axes and saws. Over the past century lumberjacks have been heavily used in popular culture and mass media. In pop culture the stereotypical lumberjack is seen as a well built, strong and usually bearded male who lives outdoors and with axe in hand tackles whatever mother nature throws his way!! The typical depiction of a lumberjack is that of a strong male wearing suspenders, a plaid flannel shirt (usually red) and holding some woodcutting implement. It is such an image that lumberjack tattoos come from!
Lumberjack tattoos pay tribute to a career that involved back breaking work, low pay, dangerous conditions and of course bold masculinity. An iconic image such as the lumberjack makes for an equally iconic tattoo! Whether it's black and grey or a brightly colored neo-traditional piece these axe wielding, tree cutting folk make for some awesome ink!!
Lumberjack Tattoo
Awesome Neo-Traditional Piece by Jethro Wood
Lumberjack Tattoo
Great Piece by Don Ritson
Lumberjack Skeleton Tattoo by Love Life Tattoo
Woodcutter Axe Tattoo, artist unknown
Lumberjack At Work by David Glantz
Beautiful Tattoo by Eva Schatz
Black and Grey Lumberjack Tattoo by La French Sarah
Tree Stump Tattoo by Last Sparrow Tattoo
Bold Little Lumberjack Tattoo by Last Sparrow Tattoo
Gorgeous Lumberjack Girl Tattoo by Valerie Vargas
Lumberjack Tattoo by Lorenzo Di Credico
Small Lumberjack Axe Tattoo by Bob Fizz
Colorful Lumberjack Tattoo by Love Life Tattoo
Brilliant Lumberjack Tattoo by Oliwia Daszkiewicz
Lumberjack Tattoo
Abstract Lumerjack Face Tattoo by Aaron Hodges
Lumberjack Tattoo
Woodcutter Axe Tattoo by Love Life Tattoo
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