20 Traditional Tattoo Filler Ideas!!

20 Traditional Tattoo Filler Ideas!!

Working on a collection of old school tattoos can leave you with gaps and awkward spaces! Here are some traditional tattoo filler ideas!
When you're working on a traditional tattoo sleeve or body suit you can be left with a number of awkward gaps and spaces after the bigger pieces have been completed. Usually such gaps are filled with small stars or dots but alternatively you can be a little more creative and fill the gaps with quirky little traditional tattoo filler designs. Traditional filler tattoos are small and simple images that can be used to cover awkward blank spots and bring the other tattoos together!!
Tattoo fillers are a great way to complete an old school sleeve or tattoo collection and offer some awesome creative opportunities. Small, simple and bold traditional tattoo filler designs are always a fun option as you can literally choose anything that fills those last odd shaped spaces; a small eagle, a message in a bottle or even a sharks head, traditional filler tattoos offer almost endless freedom!! So if you're stuck on filling a traditional sleeve be sure to checkout these 20 traditional tattoo filler ideas!!
Bottle Filler by Lucky Stars Tattoo
Great Dagger Filler, artist unknown
Awesome Filler by Vic Savage
Diamond Tattoo Filler by Chris Hold
Brilliant Little Eagle Filler by Shon Lindauer
Eye Filler Tattoo by Shon Lindauer
Filler Tattoos by Joseph Stephens Tattoos
Eagle Filler Tattoo, artist unknown
Some Awesome Filler Tattoos by Last Sparrow Tattoo
Flower Filler by Joseph Stephens Tattoo
A Unique Filller Tattoo by Left Hand Tricks
Flower Filler Tattoos by Jonathan Reina
Badass Dagger Filler by Christian Otto
Fun Little Match Filler by Swallow and Dagger Tattoos
Pin Up Filler by Tony Nilsson
Awesome Shark Head Filler Tattoo, unknown artist
Love This Stay True Tattoo Filler, artist unknown
Fantastic Straight Razor Filler by Franz Stefanik
Traditional Tattoo Filler, by Franz Stefanik
Cool Winged Skull Filler Tattoo, artist unknown