21 Wes Craven Tribute Tattoos Featuring His Finest Works

21 Wes Craven Tribute Tattoos Featuring His Finest Works

Wes Craven was an American film director famous for his classics such as ‘Scream,’ ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ and ‘The Hills Have Eyes.’
He gave the world the infamous killers Freddy Krueger and Ghostface, who became the face of contemporary slasher movies along with Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers.
Wes Craven Tribute Tattoo
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I'm assuming that you're in here either because you're a straight-up Wes Craven fan or maybe you simply enjoyed watching some of his films. Either way, these tattoos will give you all the feels once the fact that the director himself, Wes Craven, passed away sinks in.

Movie buffs and slasher film fans alike will agree that Wes Craven contributed a good part to cinema in the past few decades. I mean, come on, A Nightmare on Elm Street? Classic. We dedicate this post to him, celebrating some of the horror with 21 Wes Craven tribute tattoos in honour of his finest works.
The Hills Have Eyes tattoo by Renaissance Tattoo
‘The Hills Have Eyes’ will always hold a special spot among cannibal movies. It was sick. Literally. I watched it as a kid and I remember being traumatised for days.
Scream tattoo, done at Black Onyx Tattoo Studio
The Twilight Zone tattoo by Matthew Lukesh
by Brian Hemming
by Ben T. Fiedler
Wes Craven Tribute Tattoo
The Twilight Zone was directed by many other fine directors aside from Craven but the man did his part quite well too.

Paul Acker, master portrait tattooist, made quite a number of kick-ass Wes Craven film character tattoos.
Amazing Freddy Kruger tattoo by Paul Acker.
Wes Craven Tribute Tattoo
Wes Craven Tribute Tattoo
Wes Craven Tribute Tattoo
Paul Acker surely did justice to many of Craven's films.
Swamp Thing tattoo by Gene Coffey
Wes Craven Tribute Tattoo
Swamp Thing tattoo by Adam France
by Jamie Parker
A Nightmare on Elm Street tattoo by edgarivanov
Freddy tattoo by Tony Sklepic of Sanitarium Studios in Edmonton, Canada
And finally, the “dreamiest” guy ever here, Freddy Krueger of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street,’ which is eerily based on a true story.
You will be truly missed, Wes Craven!
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