22 Distinguished Sinking Ship Tattoos

22 Distinguished Sinking Ship Tattoos

A sinking ship tattoo is a true tattoo classic that harks back to the maritime beginnings of western tattooing.
Also known as the 'sailors grave' a sinking ship tattoo symbolizes the perils and dangers of life at sea. Similarly sinking ship tattoos have a long tradition of use as a sailor memorial and a commemorative symbol for those lost at sea. The iconic design of the sinking ship tattoo features the masts of a ship being dragged below the ocean. It is commonly accompanied by other nautical symbols such as anchors and rope.
As a real old school tattoo sinking ship tattoos are typically done with dark shading, bold outlines and bright colors! If you're after a classic and traditional tattoo then the sailors grave has all the attributes you need! Be it a tribute to sailors that have gone before or simply to show your appreciation of old school maritime ink a sinking ship tattoo is a tattoo anyone can appreciate! Sharp, clean and intense these 22 Distinguished Sinking Ship Tattoos are a must see for any tattoo enthusiast!!
Maritime Sinking Ship Tattoo by Ben Rorke
Black and Grey Beauty by Marina Inoue
Great Sinking Ship Bottle Tattoo by Jaclyn Rehe
Bold Work by David Armacost
Sinking Ship Crab Tattoo by Ben Rorke
Amazing Sinking Ship Free Hand Tattoo by Samuele Briganti
Sinking Ship Heart Tattoo by Bob Done
Sinking Ship Horshoe Tattoo by Emiliano Zapata
Brilliant Work by Nick Mayes
Sinking Ship Tattoo
Creative Piece by Alex Cetina
Ashley Love Did An Awesome Job On This Tattoo!
Sinking Ship Tattoo
Cool Tattoo by Blood Sweat and Tears Tattoo
Beautiful Work by Gusak Tattoo
Traditional Styling by Josh Sutterby
Brilliant Tattoo by Karl Wiman
Sinking Ship Tattoo
Some Nautical Inspiration by Sam Ricketts
Samuele Briganti Nailing It As Always!!
Sinking Ship Whale Tattoo by Ryan Cooper Thompson
Sinking Ship Woman Tattoo by Tony Nilsson
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