22 Log Cabin Tattoos To Give You That Rustic Feeling!

22 Log Cabin Tattoos To Give You That Rustic Feeling!

When you think of the American frontier you can't help but think of a log cabin.
A symbol of a simpler time and humble beginnings the log cabin has a nostalgic place in American history. Within the world of US politics the log cabin is a symbol of humble origins and traditional foundations, seven presidents were actually born in log cabins, including Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson!! Of course log cabins pre-date even the discovery of America but the cultural significance and meaning of a simple wooden home has no greater place than in the USA, they are as much apart of the nations history as apple pie and the 4th July!
Log cabin tattoos thereafter can be a great tattoo for anyone looking to honor their American heritage. Then again a traditional cabin tattoo can also be an awesome tribute to the great outdoors and the longing for exploration and adventure! Whether you love sleeping under the stars and fighting of bears or merely admire the humble origins of the likes of Abraham Lincoln then a log cabin tattoo is a tattoo for you...and even if it's not you still can't deny the rustic feeling a log cabin tattoo gives you!
Black and Grey Cabin by Justin Tyler
Awesome Cabin Snow Globe Tattoo by Jacob Des
Great Cabin Tattoo by Dane Mancini
Log cabin tattoo
Heart Cabin Tattoo, unknown artist
Line Work Log Cabin by Ian Langdon
Brilliant Log Cabin Bear Tattoo by Jemma Jones
Log Cabin by Swallows and Daggers
Fantastic Etching Tattoo by Gary Burns
Log cabin tattoo
Traditional Style Work by Matt Houston
Creative Tattoo by Gary Dunn
Bold Log Cabin Tattoo by Gusak Tattoo
Classy Work by Blair Maxine Hewitt
Log Cabin Tattoo by Harriet Heath
Leigh Tilbrook Did This Awesome Tattoo!!
Log Cabin Tattoo by Matthew Houston
Home Sweet Home by Muriel de Mai
Log cabin tattoo
Love This Tattoo by Phil Hatchet Yau!
Log cabin tattoo
Log cabin tattoo