23 Morbidly Delightful American Horror Story Tattoos

23 Morbidly Delightful American Horror Story Tattoos

Let's join in on the hype for the fifth season, with 23 gritty and morbidly delightful American Horror Story tattoos!
Her work consists on portraits and tight shots of theses goddesses, mostly inked, but all amazing. Its well worth to check her stuff out! (cover Victoria van Violence by Ana Lora)
American Horror Story
Can't forget about the tattooed freaks they had last season, too!

With the speculations that American Horror Story just might have two seasons in 2016, with the possibility of the series' queen, Jessica Lange coming back, AHS is making it hard to contain ourselves.
Season 2
But with gems like this, the flaming Jessica Lange will truly be missed for a whole season's worth of absence. I honestly didn't know what will become of AHS after Lange announced her exit, but they got my attention when they revealed that another queen is checking into AHS's latest season.

The latest season welcomes the mother monster, Lady Gaga as one of the main characters for Hotel. 
Latest season featuring Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
She will be playing a countess, checking into the infamous Hotel Cortez.

American Horror Story: Hotel will also be welcoming back familiar characters, who will, once more, give us the chills and the thrills we've felt the last seasons.
Season 5
Season 5

Let's start off with this iconic poster from Coven.
by rumitattoo / Instagram
by Ryan El Dugi Lewis
It's a beautiful, twisted concept.
Artist unknown.
One of the most popular quotes from the first season, courtesy of the angsty, grunge kid Tate Langdon.
Artist unknown.
Artist unknown.
Artist unknown.
This is, perhaps, one of the most famous quotes from all the seasons combined, from the mouth of Sister Jude, nonetheless.
by @Sirris.Slay
by Jopie Lee
Sweet Sister Mary Eunice, Dr. Arden's angel.

Here are some of the pieces on a Coven sleeve Ty Bogart has been working on:
Artist unknown
Artist unknown
Artist unknown
Three of the Seven Wonders a witch must perform in order to prove herself as the Supreme, traditional style pieces.
by ilckart / Instagram
A title previously held by the Jessica Lange, we mean, Fiona Goode.
by @maurycytattoo / Instagram
Papa Legba is the only character who actually managed to haunt me long after the third season ended.

And of course, the latest season. My favourite one so far, also.
via abductingbitchez / Tumblr
by Wes Hawkins
by TJ of Visions Tattoo Gallery
by Adam Barnes
Welcome to the Freakshow.

Crowd favourite, Twisty the Clown!
by Brittany Smith
by Steve Pelkey
by Chris Green
by Evan Olin
by Seunghyun Jo
Incredible, hyperrealistic Twisty portrait by Seunghyun Jo.
by Xavier
Season 5 - Lady Gaga
And here's a little fan art I did for Hotel. Seems like such a delightful, little family, aren't they?
Where is my treat?
See you at Hotel Cortez next month!
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