25 Mighty Traditional Bear Tattoos

25 Mighty Traditional Bear Tattoos

Powerful, ferocious, dangerous, uncontrolled and feared, the bear is a symbol of brutal violence and awesome natural power!
Yet it is equally a symbol of love, tenderness, kindness and family. Bears have long been adopted by humans as symbols of both the good and bad of the world. Depending on the culture in question the symbolism of a bear can differ greatly, but regardless of meaning the bear is and always will be an incredibly powerful animal!
A strong image in western tattooing the bear is commonly associated with male strength, power and authority! However women also find common ground with bears and the ideas of motherhood frequently find themselves embodied with the image of a mother bear nurturing and protecting her cubs! In Native American tradition and culture bears were considered an almost supernatural being of the land, that was both strong and wise!...
Still not sold on a using a bear for a tattoo subject? Then checkout these mighty traditional bear tattoos, because lets face it traditional tattoos are the best style of tattoo!!
Bear and fish by Tony Nilsson
Bear Old School by James McKenna
Bear and Snake Tattoo by Tony Nilsson
Awesome Old School Bear by Providence Tattoo studio
Bear Growl by Tony Nilsson
Bear Traditional by German Gabriel Canalla
Great Work by Spencer Ryan Chasse
Grizzly Bear Tattoo by Richard Smith
Brilliant Old School Style Bear by Alix Ge
Fierce looking bear by Bert Thomas
Awesome stuff by The Sailors Grave
Old School Bear Tattoo by Tomas Garcia
Traditional Bear Backpiece Tattoo by Andreas Coenen
Stunning Traditional Bear by Annie Frenzel
Love this piece by Britney Goodman
Amazing Traditional Bear by Jason Walstrom
Bold tattoo by Sea Wolf Tattoo Company
Traditional Bear by Steve Wood
Cool Bear by Teidi Tattoo
Traditional Bear Hand Tattoo by Phil Hatchet-Yau
Awesome bear head tattoo by Raw Tattoo
Fantastic tattoo by Stefan Johnsson
Traditional Bear Tattoo by Thomas Flanagan
Brilliant Bear Flower Tattoo by Broad Street Studio
Traditional Flower Bear Tattoo by Montalvo Tattoos
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