28 Batman Tattoos for Batman Day!

28 Batman Tattoos for Batman Day!

Before September ends, we here at Tattoodo is giving it one last shout with these totally sick Batman tattoos for Batman Day!
Courtesy of DC Comics
Back by popular demand, DC Comics announced that Batman Day is coming back this year on Saturday, September 26th! Be prepared for a weekend of grown men in batman masks and signings with artists like Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Scott Snyder, and Cameron Stewart. While you're at it, why not go get a new batman tattoo done too?
Check out these other Batman fans who definitely nailed it with their Batman tattoos!
by John Andres
by Daniel Rocha of Las Vegas, Nevada
by Tom Harris
Beats any feather turning into birds tattoo any day!
by Troy Slack
by Mikko Inksanity of Tampere, Finland
by Mike Carro of Long Island, NY
by Doyle Winter
For all the Poison Ivy x Batman shippers! Tattoo by Troy Slack
by Travis Parmeley
by Adam Cooley
by Gary Johnson
by Kayley South of Northside Tattooz in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
by Denis Torikashvili
by Jerry Pipkins (Professional Tattoo Artist) of IV Horsemen Tattoo Parlor in Panama City, Florida
by Cat Allen of Underground Tattoo Tamworth in Tamworth, UK
by Darin Ennis of Tattoo Charlie's in Louisville, Kentucky
by Paul Priestley of Skinshokz Tattoo Studio in City of Bradford, UK
by Murilo Oliveira of Murilo Tattoo in the city of Jaú, São Paulo, Brazil
by Joseph Casal
by Sean Cahill
by Lisa Marie Walker, owner of Inkabella Tattoo in Cardiff, Wales
by Jakub Nowak
by Nico Vidal
Tattoo by Adam Hays. Love how Adam Hays incorporated neo-traditional style here!
by Dane Grannon
Artist unknown.
by Nikko Hurtado
Artist unknown. Someone has to tell us who the artist is! This is one sick piece!
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