40 Blackwork Tattoos That Go Great Together With SPF

40 Blackwork Tattoos That Go Great Together With SPF

twice as good

Tattoos shouldn't substitute sunscreens and SPF lotions completely. Check out these 40 blackwork tattoos that go great together with SPF!
Courtesy of Manaka
You all know the basics in tattoo care—which includes protecting your tattoo from sun damage. We've also heard that tattoos might cause cancer, especially when exposed to the sun. But recently, a research conducted at Bispebjerg Hospital proved that the standard black ink tattoos may instead, shield the wearer's skin from damage and UVR-induced skin cancer. Haven't heard of these recent findings yet? Read more about it here.

Of course, blackwork tattoos may never be used as a total substitute for sunscreen. But that's only until a new study springs up, bringing forth good news that blackwork tattoos can work as good as SPF lotions. What's not to love with some good blackwork? They're timeless and they look gorgeous, especially when done right. So grab your strongest sunscreen and brave the sun with your blackwork pieces.
Let's start with the classic arm bands:
Blackwork arm band by Sasha Masiuk
Blackwork arm tattoo by mantratwix / Instagram
If you love the practicality of arm bands but you're looking for something a little less plain, go for detailed ones like these, fused with intricate or geometric designs.
Blackwork leg band tattoo by Josh Barnes
Leg bands work, too.
Blackwork dotted arm band by Daniel Gram
Blackwork hand tattoo by Thomas Hooper
Blackwork foot tattoo by Thieves of Tower
Insane what this blackwork artists can do!
Blackwork mandala by Philip Yarnell
Philip Yarnell makes great blackwork tattos. There's more here.
by Alex Tabuns
Blackwork tattoo by Josh Barnes
Here's a tattoo-ception done right.

Now, moving on to the sleeves. Let's start with the halfies.
Go with blackwork half sleeves if you don't really plan on going full blackwork mode.

Here are the people who went full blackwork mode; the real, heavy deal.
Blackwork sleeve with scarification by Christian Bedics
Blackwork sleeve by Hanumantra Lamar
Blackwork sleeve by Hanumantra Lamar
Blackwork circuit tattoo, artist unknown.
Blackwork sleeve by Gerhard Wiesbeck
by Guy Le Tattooer
Check out these blackwork-clad torsos.
Blackwork tattoo by mantratwix / Instagram
Lose the shirts, darlings, and let us see those blackwork back pieces!
Blackwork tattoo by Maxime Buchi
Blackwork tattoo by Matt Matik
Don't forget the sunscreen!

Want to see yet another talented blackwork artist? Meet this guy.
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