6 Totally Cool & Awesome Playstation Tattoos

6 Totally Cool & Awesome Playstation Tattoos

Playstation has turned 20 years old this year and so we gathered some totally cool & fun playstation tattoos for all gamers out there!
Remember, Life is a game, play it well & enjoy it! Be strong and live more lives! May these beautiful tribute pieces evoke nostalgia and awaken your inner child. Enjoy! ;-)
playstation tattoo joystick
Awesome work by Tomas Tofi Torfinski!
playstation joystick buttons
Yep! Play it well. Don't quit!
Playstation inspired tattoo
For all the true gamers! Here's a cool tattoo idea.
joystick matching tattoo
playstation joystick inspired tattoo
Another cool finger tattoo idea. Although the space on the fingers could've been maximized, and the colored tattoos made bolder. But it's all good!
playstation inspired
Photo credit: bmezine.com

Got a gamer tattoo? Share yours & get featured! Happy 20th anniversary, Playstation! Feel free to share your favorite games as well! Have a fun & awesome day everyone!
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