7 Beautiful & Enchanting Hermione Granger Tattoos for Muggles

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Hermione Granger is the kick ass witch from Harry Potter who, besides the magic wand, are vitally equipped with intelligence & wit that one would need in order to survive the magical world where dark forces are inevitable. Forget Harry for now and let's give tribute to the witch that played a big part in the victory of the Wizard world. These 7 beautiful & enchanting Hermione Granger tattoos are for all the muggles who love her! <3

Tattoo Artist: Sara Loni

Tattoo Artist: Dani Green

Hermione Granger was played by Emma Watson in the early 2000s until the very end of the 7-sequel movies. We will never forget her as Hermione Granger---she's just perfect for the role! <3

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Tattoo Artist: Earth Grasper

Tattoo Artist: Julie Bauschardt

This would look a lot better when finished!

Remember the thrilling scene with the Time Turner? They went back in time to alter the future and save some people. Harry & Hermione made it, thanks to Hermione's assistance.

We'd love to see more Hermione Granger-inspired tattoos! Submit them & get featured! ;-)



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