8 Beautiful & Intricate Half Mandala Tattoos

8 Beautiful & Intricate Half Mandala Tattoos

The Mandala is a trending tattoo trend these days and it's a good thing 'cause it's considered a sacred & timeless pattern.
If you haven't known, the Mandala is sanskrit for "Magic Circle" and in the most basic sense is simply a circle. Many cultures since the ancient times use it as an expression of the Sacred Universe, where all life forms spiral into life like that of a Mandala. It has become a trending tattoo subject in the modern times and we continue to alter it to our own liking. These people chose to get half mandala tattoos and they're just as beautiful! Let's check them out! ;-)
Half Mandalas can be used as a bracelet tattoo.
Mandala tattoos, Tattoo Artist: Julie Hamilton
Half mandala tattoos, Some choose to get it as a matching tattoo. Tattoo done at Dots to Lines Tattoo studio.
Best friends, sisters, brothers or lovers can get it as a matching tattoo as well!
Some ladies use half mandalas for their underboob/sternum tattoos. More underboob tattoos on this blog!
Beautiful arm placement!
Half mandala tattoo
Other good placements for a half mandala: Arms, upper arm (as an arm band), ankles, throat, head, anywhere good, really! Consult your tattoo artist. :-)
Awesome half mandala tattoo
Allow yourself to indulge into the Divine by getting these beautiful mandala tattoos to express your Love and wonder of the Sacred Universe. Have a wonderful day, everyone! :-)
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