8 Bold & Badass Spider Web Tattoos

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The Spider Web tattoo is a traditional tattoo design originally employed by prisoners where it means that they're serving a long time in prison. Today, the meanings have branched out and evolved and many people are getting it because of the bold look and for its beautiful patterns. Let's check out a variety of spider web tattoos and learn more about it! ;-)

Awesome dome tattoo by Philip Yarnell! m/

The spider web tattoo in prison means that you're serving a long time in jail, hence, the forming of the cobwebs. It could also just mean that the bearer is willing to wait, or is waiting for someone or something, or he/she personally believes in forever. Lol. So where else can we place this timeless design? Hmm...

Could be on the arms...

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Totally cool on the knee...

The elbow...

Could be cute adornments on the fingers. This is Megan Massacre's hand, by the way! ;-)

Or if you're bold enough, on your face! :-O



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