9 Mysterious & Enchanting Stairway tattoos

9 Mysterious & Enchanting Stairway tattoos

Get awed & mystified with these 9 mysterious & enchanting stairway tattoos leading to nowhere.
There's something about the imagery of stairs that make it a beautiful tattoo subject. Perhaps the thrill as to where it leads, or the repetitive patterns of blocks moving up or downward, and it also makes a good memorial tattoo for someone who has gone to heaven. Whatever the reason, these staircases are awesome! Hats off to the artists featured here.
tattoo color sleeve by Neo
Stairway tattoo, artist unknown
Up & away it goes. Where it leads, nobody knows.
Staircase tattoo
A goal is reached by an accumulation of every step.
Tattoo Artist: Miguel Angel
Tattoo Artist: Megan Jean Morris
Tattoo Artist: Remis
Artist unknown
Life's a climb but the view is great.
Artist unknown​
"I am climbing a difficult road. But the glory gives me strength." -Sextus Propertius
Artist unknown
A portal to the other dimension.
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