Alessandro Diamanti Has Some Bizarre Tattoos!!

Alessandro Diamanti Has Some Bizarre Tattoos!!

Italian footballer Alessandro Diamanti is certainly a well traveled player.
The 32 year-old midfielder has played for 12 different teams in 3 different countries, currently on loan at Watford from Chinese side Guangzhou Evergrande, Diamanti has made his return to the Premier League after five years away. Though it is not his return that has caught peoples eyes- it is his bizarre tattoos!!
Strange tattoo choices and football go hand in hand, we've all seen the crazy fan tattoos that make us question peoples sanity and we've occasionally seen some unusual ink on the players themselves, but Diamanti has arguably the weirdest tattoos in the entire Premier League!! In a recent training session the versatile midfielder showed off some bold leg ink, a giant smiley face, Olaf the snowman from Frozen and a Hello Kitty logo to be specific!!!
Some bold tattoo choices by Diamanti!!
Diamanti's questionable leg tattoos are definitely something, thankfully he has dozens of other, better, tattoos that redeem his ink game just a little.
Diamanti's sleeve is an improvement on his leg tattoos!!
...What do you think about Diamanti's unusual leg tattoos- good or bad?? 
You like his ink...yes?
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