Awake Your Italian Roots With These Yummy Pasta Tattoos

Awake Your Italian Roots With These Yummy Pasta Tattoos

Obsessed Italy lovers and foodies are not only getting pizza tattoos, they even go as far as inking pasta tattoos on their body!
It's a well know fact, Italian food is delicious and Italian people are in love with it. Tattoo and food are getting along very well, and foodies are not afraid to sport their pizza tattoos. But the true religion of Italy is pasta, and it leads to crazy yet yummy pasta tattoos. Everywhere in the world, ink lovers are enjoying pasta dishes and paying a tribute to their true love with tattoos. Lasagna, capeletti, mac and cheese and noodles (yes, they are pastas) are celebrated by gourmands and artists with funny tattoos... Are you hungry for Italian gastronomy and offbeat tattoos? Then you could find these pasta tattoos delicious...
A serious mac and cheese lover by Seejay.
Macaroni lovers are getting tattoos from Sam Tyson.
Never stop eating spaghetti! By Richard Smith.
Bold ramen forearm tattoo by Perdi Birds...
Funky noodles by Nikko Adams.
A true Italian tattoo by Nick Hartung.
Just love. By Nick C.
Obsessed. By Mewo Llama.
Wht else? By Melanie Milne.
Delicious capelleti by Mauro.
Tattoo artist Guen Douglas is a foodie herself.
Si! Mangia! By Daniele Oldani.
Craving for lasagna by Chip Harris...
Minimalistic tattoo by Ana Work.
Spaguetti with bolognese sauce is one of the most delicious dish in the world. By Alvaro Contreras.
Cute ramen bowl by Alex Strangler.
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