Breathtaking Hyper Realism By Andrea Afferni!

Breathtaking Hyper Realism By Andrea Afferni!

Hyper realism is one of the most difficult styles but Italian artist Andrea Afferni is one of the artists who has the style nailed.
Named best portrait artist in Italy in 2010 Afferni is considered one of the world's top artists when it comes to hyper realism. Inspired by nature, wildlife, people and artwork Afferni tattoos are completely inspired by the real world!
Andrea Afferni is one hell of an artist!!
At home with a pencil as a tattoo machine Afferni uses the techniques and skills used in drawing on paper and applies it to skin, taking into consideration the geometric shapes and lighting of the subject as well as the shades the lighting would create! Being a true master of his craft Afferni's tattoos have their own beautiful style and flow while capturing the essence of the subject perfectly, whether it's a person or a tiger! The hyper realism tattoos of Andrea Afferni are truly breathtaking and he is an artist you should definitely admire so be sure to follow his journeys on Instagram!!
Amy Winehouse
Afferni Back Tattoo
Afferni Backpiece Tattoo
Cat tattoo
Lion Tattoo
Stunning Mother Teresa Tattoo
Tiger tattoo
Ship tattoo
Afferni Portrait Realism Tattoo
Afferni Portrait Tattoo
This Terminator tattoo is outstanding!!
Any The Shining fans out there??
This tiger tattoos is truly brilliant!
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