Charlie Hunnam Approves Of Fan's Jax Teller Tattoo!!

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Charlie Hunnam's performance as Jax Teller on hit TV show Sons of Anarchy is one that will always be remembered.

For some fans his portrayal of Jax was so good they had to commemorate it in ink! One lucky fan even got to show Hunnam his own Jax tattoo and the actor was impressed to say the least and showed his appreciation for some awesome Sons of Anarchy inspired tattooing!

That's one hell of Jax tattoo!!
That's one hell of Jax tattoo!!

Currently filming for the upcoming movie The Lost City of Z Charlie Hunnam was in Belfast when he took out some time to meet a group of waiting fans, including 24 year-old Marc Patton. A big Sons of Anarchy fan Patton got a black and grey portrait of Hunnam's character Jax tattooed on his thigh. Taking about 10 hours the tattoo was done by Bali at Tattoos For Lost Souls in Belfast, of course Patton never imagined he would be showing Hunnam the tattoo in person!! Leaving the movie set in a mini bus Hunnam rolled down his window to speak to the group of fans and Patton seized the opportunity to show him his tattoo and Hunnam was definitely impressed!!


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    JAX tattoo approved by Charlie Hunnam
    JAX tattoo approved by Charlie Hunnam

    We knew Charlie Hunnam was an awesome guy before, but now we know he appreciates a good tattoo when he sees one it makes him that little bit better! Of course Mr. Patton took the opportunity to get a selfie, because why wouldn't's Jax Teller!!

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    Charlie Hunnam
    Charlie Hunnam

    If you had a celebrity portrait tattoo would you want to show the celebrity if the opportunity arose??


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