Colorful Excellence: Johnny Domus Mesquita

New or Neo-Traditional tattoos is a contemporary tattoo style that combines traditional tattoos with bolder more modern colors.
If you were to look at some of the best neo-traditional tattoo artists today you'd be there a while!! There are plenty of artists killing this style of tattooing but a few names stand out when it comes to making neo-traditional tattooing their own! Johnny Domus Mesquita is most certainly one of these artists!
Mesquita's work is bright, bold and colorful but has it's own unique look and substance as well. Whether it's his deep colorful shading or strong line work there is something about Mesquita's work that sets itself apart from other neo-traditional tattoos! Although it must be said that Mesquita is not to be pigeon holed as simply a neo-traditonal tattoo artist, just check out his Instagram and you'll see his black and grey, portrait and dotwork tattoo game is point! Whatever the style this guy kills it and is an artist you need to be following!!!