Conan O'brien Got A Lil Wayne Tattoo?!?

Conan O'brien Got A Lil Wayne Tattoo?!?

Conan O'Brien took on Lil Wayne in a one on one battle on the upcoming Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5,the loser  gets a tattoo of the winners face!
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 hits the shelves on September 29 and features Lil Wayne as a playable character, so naturally Weezy and Hawk stopped by Conan to play a some of the game with O'Brien himself. Now if playing the game wasn't enough there had to be some form of wager, a tattoo wager to be specific! A one on one battle between Wayne and O'Brien, the loser of which would get a tattoo of the winner on their body!!
Lil Wayne Is A Playable Character in Pro Skater 5
Being a playable character in the game it's clear Wayne had a little practice, so aside from throwing out some 'that's what she said' jokes and offering suggestions for what the game should have, including a "hooker strip", Wayne showed his skills and beat Conan in the in game skate battle!
Not one to back down from a bet Conan proceeded to display some rather interesting body art of Wayne...For his sake we hope its only temporary!!! ...Proudly sitting on Conan's abdomen was a questionable portrait of the rapper accompanied by some touching "I (Heart) Weezy"  lettering!
We're Hoping For Conan's Sake His New Ink Is Temporary!
To be honest Conan's new ink, even if it is fake, is still better than some of the celebrity tattoos out there!!
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