Inspiration For Semicolon Tattoos To Show Your Story Isn't Over Yet

Semicolon tattoo is more than a trend telling the story of people struggling with depression, self-harm, bullying and social anxiety.

Wondering what semicolon tattoo means? "A semicolon is used when a sentence could have been ended but it wasn't." 

This quote is spreading on the internet, to raise awareness about people suffering of depression, self-injury, bullying, social anxiety as well as mental diseases. The Semicolon project is gathering and encouraging tattoos for people struggling with life and telling them not to end their story, their life. "Your story isn't over yet." Suicide doesn't prevent you to suffer from bad things, it prevents you to experience good things.

By choosing a semicolon tattoo over a colon, you are deciding to keep fighting, breathing, loving and living life. A semicolon tattoo is helping you to remind that moment, in the bad and the good times. Many people are choosing to ink just a small semicolon tattoo on their body, for them or a loved one. Some ink lovers and tattoo artists are offering art to cheer people up. These tattoos can even help hiding scars and healing souls... Faith in humanity restored...

If you are wishing to get a semicolon tattoo to show your own struggles and your decision to live, then, perhaps your heart will be warmed by these semicolon tattoos' inspiration...

"I'm not really sure how long I have been suffering from anxiety- social anxiety disorder to be exact. I dread public speaking, eye contact, meeting new people because of introductions, I avoid the crowd as much as I could; I would always look around, panicking inside. I get nervous, feel like i'm gonna pass out or my teeth are gonna fall off or my stomach would start having a violent reaction. I'm also a worrier, an overthinker. I'm weird and awkward I am often misunderstood for my "attitude" simply (complicatedly) because i'm scared of literally everything without a proper concrete reason at all."
"That I only talk to the people that I like, which isn't the case. I am awfully quiet when I am not with the people i'm comfortable with. It takes time for me get on with my nerves to some people because usually these people have already judged me based on first impression which in turn I'd forever be conscious whenever i'm around them.Today i had the courage to have my first tattoo. Semi-colon is a symbolism for all the people in the world who are going through what i have been dealing with all my life. Authors use it to continue a sentence they don't want to end. It symbolizes that no matter how hard life is, especially for people like us, we should always have the courage to continue because our story isn't over yet. "Breathe" would serve as my mantra, to not be scared all the time, to always try to think rationally and not to worry too much, to just relax, to just breathe. And hopefully everything would be okay (...).This is for everyone who is like us. I am sharing this to let you know there are many of us."