Keep Your Memories Forever With Polaroid Tattoos

Keep Your Memories Forever With Polaroid Tattoos

Many people are regretting their polaroid cameras and pictures. And some of them are even getting polaroid tattoos!
A picture captures a moment of life, a good memory, a fantastic travel or people and animals we cherish. So, when we are turning these images into ink, why not using a polaroid picture's design? If your tattooed body is your diary, then, put some lovely pictures on it to remember the best things of your life. Travellers will keep an account of their wanderlust, while others will makes poetic tributes to loved ones. Everything is possible with polaroid tattoos, even creative styles. So, wanna share your picture album with us? If you haven't started decorating it yet, here is some inspiration for your gorgeous polaroid tattoos...
It's always love o'clock. By Andrew Ferguson.
Incredible polaroid sleeve by Bacanu Bogdan...
Another cool Polaroid design by Becci Boo.
Keeping the memory of a Copenhagen's trip by Giada Fabris.
Fun zombie Lego's polaroid by John Anderton...
Cool piece by John Lemon.
Sunset piece by King Len.
Lovely traveller tattoo by Kirst Pettitt.
Gorgeous nostalgic tattoo by Lu Pariselli!
This camera is producing flowers instead of pictures... By Maik Sante.
Trad with a twist! By Nate Brown.
Amazing dog portrait by Nick Friederich.
Gorgeous detail on a Niki Norberg's sleeve.
Amazing piece by Noa Yanni!
Polaroid Chicana, please credit the artist.
Dotwork island by Tom Kelly.
Escaping the picture, by Vadim Strizhko.
Minimalistic great tattoo by Wendel Sena EPerro.
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