Meet The Celebrity Tattoo Artists Who Give The Stars Great Ink

Meet The Celebrity Tattoo Artists Who Give The Stars Great Ink

With celebrities, the question is often the following: why such wealthy people are wearing such poor tattoos?
Many singers and actors have been mocked for their failed tattoos and bad choice of tattooists. But not all stars have cheap ink, and not all celebrity tattoo artists are lacking of talent. Just like true ink lovers, they want the best for their body art. These tattoo artists are almost as famous as their clients, and getting tattooed by them is a privilege few people can have due to their rates and overloaded schedule. But their talent is undeniable and if you don't know them yet, here's a little introduction. Bang Bang, New York City Keith McCurdy, better known as Bang Bang, is a socialite tattoo artists. Super model Cara Delevingne made him famous by showing the world the lion he tattooed on her finger. Among his famous clients, he counts singers Adèle, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Rihanna and Justin Bieber. He also did the Tank Girl tattoo of Orange Is The New Black's actress Ruby Rose. He has a whole leg tattooed by his famous clients. Bang Bang is specializing in black and grey style, but you can also see the other tattoo artists he works with in his Instagram.
Bang Bang did the Egyptian underboob of Rihanna.
He also inked Rita Ora.
Ruby Rose is also his client.
Carlos Torres, San Pedro, CA The master of realistic black and grey style has nothing to prove. And when celebs want seriously awesome tattoos, they know where to find him. Still, you can find him in international tattoo conventions and have a nice talk with this relaxed master. You can droll over his Instagram for jaw-dropping tattoos and paintings.
Carlos Torres is also coveted by stars. Here quarterback Colin Kaepernick.
The tattoo of Colin Kaepernick.
Tattooing Yolandi of Die Antwoord.
The tattoo of Yolandi Vi$$er.
Nikko Hurtado, Hesperia, CA Famous worldwide for his realistic tattoos and TV shows appearances, Nikko Hurtado is indeed very coveted by celebs. He ornated the bodies of Drake, The Game, Fred Durst, Guillermo Diaz and Jenna Jameson, among others. But the piece that made him famous in the gossips world is indeed the derriere of singer Cheryl Cole, covered with fancy roses. This privilege cost her the equivalent of a small car... Fascinated by the lady, Nikko also did a painting of her. You can see more of his art on his Instagram.
Some celebs are also tattoo collectors, just like us! They are working with several tattoo artists to create their skin collection, following their instinct or embracing specific styles. Natasha Kai American Professional soccer player and Olympic gold medalist Natasha Kai is studying her Polynesian roots with her collection of bold tribal tattoos. Heavily inked, the sportwoman sports more than 60 tattoos, with two sleeves and two leg pieces. She made an appearance in LA Ink and isn't done yet with her ink addiction. Her last pieces were done by Keone Nunez and Leland Gomez.
Soccer player Natasha Kai enjoys her tribal ink.
She got tattooed by Keone Nunes during a tattoo convention.
And Leland Gomez did her leg piece.
Sylvester Stallone Getting old, the action movies veteran actor is enjoying life with tattoos, and what's better, great tattoos! Sylvester Stallone, nicknamed Sly, wanted to cover scars and pay a tribute to his family. Realistic portraits, names, but also skulls, animals and a gorgeous Art Nouveau angel are ornating the body of 69 years old star of Rocky. The artists behind this epic transformation are Jeff Gogue of Oregon, Mike DeVries of Northridge, CA and Mario Barth who is based in Las Vegas, NV.
Sly with one of his tattoo artists, Mike De Vries.
The portrait of his wife DeVries did for him.
The actor also worked with Jeff Gogue and David Hell on his backpiece.
Mario Barth also collaborated on his ink.
Here is the gorgeous result.
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