No Need To Be A Philatelist To Get Stamp Tattoos

No Need To Be A Philatelist To Get Stamp Tattoos

Philately is the art of collecting postal stamps. An old-fashioned hobby than can now be turned into cool stamp tattoos!
No, stamp tattoos have nothing to do with that ugly term, tramp stamps, they are really more interesting and poetic. You can ink them to keep the memory of your travels, just like little postcards in your skin. Foreign stamps can also remind your family roots or a personal memory, like a pen friend. You can also enjoy miniature tattoos, with poetic designs. They are so original and some artists are really giving them an impressive look with 3D effects! Time to consider postmarking your body, because these cool stamp tattoos are really eye-catching!
Cool blackwork by Xkaix.
Fantastic Rio de Janeiro stamp! By 40 Tohh Tattoo.
Looks incredibly real! Please credit this Russian artist.
A more traditional version by Ron Mor.
That's what you call wanderlust! By Rob Sweet.
Terrific 3D stamp by Michel Meier!
Dotwork poetry by Katie Meadows.
Fun piece by Katie McGowan.
Vintage stamps by Johnny Ford.
Cool wax stamp by Joey Hope!
Incredible miniature tattoo by Ivan Vostok!
Lovely piece by Ellis Arch.
The King! By Ed Lott.
Traveller tattoo by Chip Harbin.
Red ink involved by Big Phil.
Another awesome 3D stamp by AJ Godshall...
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