Papua New Guinea's Beautiful Women with Tattooed Faces

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Tattooing has always been a tribal custom around the world as far back as we can all remember. The coastal peoples of Papua New Guinea are no exception. The women there get face tattoos as a rite of passage and they consider it beautiful. We do, too! Tattoos are definitely one of the most beautiful, mystical, spiritual & meaningful human creations ever. We are so glad to be part of the tattoo world. Everyone, let's check out this side of the world... All the way down to Papua New Guinea, and learn about the beautiful women with tattooed faces. :-) enjoy!

The method used to apply the tattoo is through hand-tapping, using thorns and pigment sourced by mother nature.

Tattooed faces - Papua New Guinea
Tattooed faces - Papua New Guinea

Tattooing for the Papuans are done to young children as early as 5-7 years of age and to marry without tattoos is considered unacceptable. The practice is ritualistic in nature and is not just meant for body adornment. Tattooing is sacred and purposeful.

Face tattoo
Face tattoo

Tattoo motifs vary from abstract to nature-inspired patterns of stars and predatory animals such as birds, hawk, serpent, crocodile, etc.

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Tattooed woman - Papua New Guinea
Tattooed woman - Papua New Guinea

Motifs are usually passed on as a tradition, which is a great way to preserve it.

Women wear their tattoos with pride!

Tattooed faces of older women in Papua New Guinea
Tattooed faces of older women in Papua New Guinea

Here are the elderly women in the tribe with tattoos gracefully aging with them.

...And a hopeful next generation.... The future bearer of the tradition. Such a beautiful little girl!

True enough, tattoos are in our nature. We can't explain exactly why, as we can't explain the mysteries of this beautiful world. Nevertheless, this is such a beautiful life!



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