People With Down Syndrome Design Awesome Tattoos For Loved Ones!!

People With Down Syndrome Design Awesome Tattoos For Loved Ones!!

Hit tattoo TV show Ink Master had people with down syndrome design tattoos for their loved ones and they're awesome!!!
Ink Master is the place where you can see some of the best tattoo artists compete in various challenges that assess their skill, ability and overall status as a tattoo artist! Judged by tattoo legends Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez there can only ever be one Ink Master winner, so performing to their highest standard the contestants tackle every challenge as best they can.
Ink Master Judges, Oliver Peck, Dave Navarro and Chris Nunez
The challenges usually focus on a specific style of tattooing and have the contestants create a tattoo in that style, in a recent episode however the challenge was a little different and something truly awesome! The contestants had to tattoo a client whose design was created by one of their love ones who has Down Syndrome. Arguably the best challenge of Ink Master yet the results were not only some incredibly personal tattoos but a reminder of how beautiful tattooing can be. Several of the artists were moved by the designs and it's clear why, they're awesome!!
While the artists could talk to the clients and aid with the design process they were not allowed to draw anything and the finished designs were solely the work of those creating them! The finished tattoos were as beautiful as they were rewarding! Bright and colorful they were everything a great tattoo should be!!
Specially designed by a person with Down Syndrome
“There’s times when you question if you’re really doing something somebody wants to have for the rest of their life...But this is one of those moments where you don’t even have to ask any questions. This is why I’m a tattoo artist."  -Artist/Contestant Craig Foster
Heart tattoo
"It's an emotional day, And I'm stoked to be here." -Artist/Contestant Dave Kruseman
Specially designed by a person with Down Syndrome
Reality TV shows about tattooing are very hit and miss, some people love them and others hate them, but when they feature such an awesome and unique challenge like this you can't help but feel inspired by them!!
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