Rita Ora's Hidden Tattoos: Are Celebs Ashamed Of Their Ink?

Rita Ora's Hidden Tattoos: Are Celebs Ashamed Of Their Ink?

At MTV VMA, Rita Ora's tattoos mysteriously disappeared while she was showing skin. She isn't the only tattooed celeb to hide her ink.
Could it be the last stroke? This year, at the MTV VMA, Rita Ora's tattoos had mysteriously disappeared, hidden by a massive make-up covering. But the 24 years old singer and Xfactor judge is not the first tattooed celeb to have been caught hiding some ink during a mediatic coverage. Remember the sleeves of Amber Rose absent of her 2014's Grammys appearance? The tattoos of Scarlett Johanson photoshopped off the Dolce&Gabbana lipsticks' campaigns? And more recently the hide and seek game of Ed Sheeran's lion chestpiece? Celebrities' ink is often missing from magazines' covers, advertising campaigns as well as red carpet and TV shows' appearances... But why?
If some stars are wearing disappointing tattoos (to say the least!), Rita Ora is usually sporting the lovely pieces made by Bang Bang, a tattoo artist in New York. Her portrait of 20s silent movie star Olive Thomas, on her rib cage, is especially pretty. She also have a ballet dancer, a tattoo of Ancient Greek goddess of love Aphrodite, as well as other smaller pieces of ink, from her ears to her ankle. 26 tattoos in total. However, at those MTV VMA, she was not afraid of showing bare skin but, apparently, ashamed of showing tattooed skin... Indeed, most of her tattoos were hidden by a massive (and excessive) amount of foundation. Was it the brand of Kat von D at least?
The singer at 2015's MTV VMA, showing a body bare of most of her tattoos. Rita Ora's tattoos
Why are celebrities hiding their ink? Tattoo regrets? Requests of the fashion designers who think that tattoos are not classy enough for their brands? Faint-hearted and inhibited fashion editors? Or is it that stars are considering their tattoos just like another fashion accessory: disposable? Tattoos are becoming mainstream and appearing in many trendy medias. We are heading toward a better tattoo acceptance and what we need is to see tattooed public figures proudly showing their tattoos, and proving that ink is not trashy but classy! So, please, Rita, and the other celebs as well, throw away your foundation, refuse Photoshop, and rock your tattoos in plain sight... Be proud of your tattoos, be proud of being a tattooed person, because that's what we all need to be.
Another red carpet, same kiss, but there, the roses on her wrist are visible.
For once a star is showing decent ink...
Cover of Elle Magazine: the portrait of Olive Thomas is visible.
Ballet dancer by NY tattoo artist Bang-Bang.
Proud of her ink... or not enough?
From feet to ears, Rita Ora is tattooed.
We want to see more tattooed celebrities, and you?
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