Royal Crown Tattoos For Queens And Kings

Royal Crown Tattoos For Queens And Kings

Crown tattoos are a very popular tattoo design, especially for matching tattoos. She is your Queen, he is your King...
If you wish to live in your own kingdom, with your own laws and the luxury of royalty, then a crown tattoos can help you realize this fantasy. Fancy crowns are refined and elegant, a gorgeous tattoo idea for ink collectors who enjoy History, art and beautiful things. You can also put a crown on a portrait to pay a tribute to someone or something you enjoy. No need to be a monarchist to get crown tattoos, as we can all be our own monarchs if we want to... So, if you have a weakness for jewels, gold, power and badass ink, these stunning crown tattoos could lead you to a new realm...
Little lace crown by Rebecca Zombie Smania.
Ancient King by Phil Tworavens.
Impressive piece by Peter The Thief.
By Monica Gomes.
Favorite pet by Megon Shoreclay.
Queen Elizabeth's crown jewels by Johnny Smith.
Throat tattoo by Hector Cedillo.
A tribute to artist Jean Michel Basquiat by Graffittoo.
Great piece by Fernando Shimizu.
Finger tattoo by Dr Woo.
Bold neck piece by Dovme.
Skull King by Brent Olson.
Lovely blackwork by Bartosz Suszko.
Cool Queen tattoo by Andrew Marsh...
Terrific chestpiece by Alexandr Pashkov!
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