Siberian Teen Had Half Of His Face Tattooed With A Skull

Siberian Teen Had Half Of His Face Tattooed With A Skull

Here's another tattooed face that broke into the news.
Courtesy of TBK / YouTube
18-year-old Nikita Lesnoy shocked his town by coming out of a tattoo parlor with half of his face—eyeball included—inked in, hardly looking like the young man he was before he came in. Why exactly did this teen had half of his face tattooed with a skull? I mean sure, getting tattooed at 18 is like a rites of passage these days but this isn't something you read about everyday. What could have brought him to such a decision at a young age?
Nikita Lesnoy
Facial skull tattoo
The Siberian teen reveals that he started getting tattooed at 15, “The first tattoo I had was at the age of 15 and ever since then, I've had my whole body done.”
Courtesy of TBK / YouTube
Courtesy of TBK / YouTube
Recently, not long before turning the legal age of 18, Nikita decided that it's time for an even more radical statement which will direct his life into what he thinks he's destined for—tattooing. He reportedly spent two years just looking for the best artist who can do it for him. And after months of preparation and planning with the artist he sought for, the teen finally got his face under the machine and got started with his life vision.
Nikita under the machine
Nikita's artist
His plan for his body turned out to be inking half of his face with a skull design (almost the same way as Zombie Boy). This included having his right eye filled in with black ink as well. He's leaving the other half of his face empty for now but is looking on a steam punk sort of design to fill it with.
This is how Nikita looked like before the tattoo procedure.
Also a tattoo artist
As for job concerns, that won't be much of a problem since Nikita works at a tattoo parlor—which he describes as his dream job, “Nobody worries about my look too much in my line of work, because I also have my dream job working in a tattoo studio.”
Courtesy of TBK / YouTube
Nikita admits that, as one would expect, he often gets odd looks from people in the street. Noting how some admire his face tattoo while the rest are either repulsed or shocked or both. He saw it coming—anticipated it, even. He claimed that he wanted to show everyone that even heavily tattooed and heavily modified people are just like anyone else.
Courtesy of TBK / YouTube
Courtesy of TBK / YouTube
Not only does it look painful, especially to be done on an 18-year-old, but Nikita apparently did not use any anaesthetic. “I will remember the pain for the rest of my life, but it was worth it,” he says.
Courtesy of TBK / YouTube
His mother—like any mother—was of course horrified of her dear son's decision. But she soon got used to her son's new look or as Nikita would put it, she has “resigned” to his passion. I'd be kind of upset too if I ever come home to find out that a skull is now etched to half of where my beautiful son's face used to be.
View from the side
"My idea is that people do not perceive tattoos as stamps,” he says. But hey, whatever makes him happy. I think it doesn't look bad. But that's just me. We hope that his tattoo turns out good, though!
Watch the rest of Nikita's interview here in a Russian morning show.
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