Spotlight: Black And Grey Horror By Travis Greenough

Spotlight: Black And Grey Horror By Travis Greenough

Travis Greenough enjoys mixing aesthetic influences in his tattoos.
From the classic beauty of female portraits and gothic architecture to fantasy monsters, ripped skin effect and bio organic ink, this Nova Scotia born tattoo artist can do anything. Using his skills of graphic designer and painter, Travis is giving his clients unique pieces of art to wear proudly. Dark yet elegant, his tattoos are eye-catching and are often featured on tattoo websites and magazines. When he is not working at his shop Closed Casket Custom Tattoos in Ajax, Ontario, he is doing guest spots in tattoo shops worldwide as well as tattoo conventions. Give him a follow on Instagram for more black and grey madness.
Badass side piece with killer details!
Holy butterfly.
An anatomical heart made of lace: unique and gorgeous.
The Beauty and the Death.
Rad detail...
Skull tattoo combined with a rose and an eye
Mixing ripped skin, bioorganic and horror tattoos.
Fierce lion...
Dragon tattoo
Steampunk owl.
Jaw-dropping head tattoo!
Terrific torso!
Travis masters the use of negative space for delicate effects.
Great hand tattoo...
Skull shoulder piece
Another impressive side piece with gothic architecture.
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