Spotlight: The Delicate Linework Of Bicem Sinik

Tattoo artist Bicem Sinik has went viral with her endearing minimalistic tattoos, constituted of elegant thin lines and dotwork.
From Istanbul, Turkey, the beautiful young woman is creating delicate tattoos that are seducing ink lovers worldwide. Her favorite subjects are Nature, with noble animals, gorgeous flowers and artistic related activities. Very creative, her creations are experimenting with geometry, engraving style as well as poetic surrealistic art. Her subtle tattoos are coveted by women but also men, wishing to adorn their bodies with personal jewels yet with solid technique. If the following tattoos make you wish to go to Europe right now, then you should run to visit Miss Bicem Sinik's Instagram account for more gorgeous pieces of art...
Subtle ballet dancer.
Flying city.
Sweet orchid.
Engraving style flowers.
Blindfolded portrait
Elegant snake.
Original effects.
Origami tattoos are always poetic.
Some of Bicem Sinik's tattoos are very minimalistic.
Moon phases.
Jewel illusion...
Surrealistic whale.
Dainty hourglass.
Noble stag.
Gorgeous piece!
Lovely photo of tattoo artist Bicem Sinik.