Tattoo Artist Mike Dargas Creates Incredibly Realistic Paintings

Tattoo Artist Mike Dargas Creates Incredibly Realistic Paintings

Many tattoo artists are developing an artistic activity at the same time as tattooing. Mike Dargas has chosen painting.
But not any style of painting: hyper realistic one. Indeed, the German artist has gone viral with jaw-dropping portraits of women, covered of honey and chocolate. Larger than life, his giant paintings have striking details, and of course, astounded Internet users. Born in 1983 in Cologne, Germany, the young talent was accepted in an art school as a child, already astonishing adults with his oil paintings. After his studies, he started working as a tattoo artist, specializing in realism, especially black and grey portraits. From shop Cologne Ink to art galleries and contemporary art scene, Mike is now extending his art activities and ready to take the world by storm...
Say hello to the talented Mike Dargas.
This is the giant hyper realistic paintings he does.
His female portraits covered in syrup are breath-taking.
That's mind-blowing!
Mike Dargas painting
Mike Dargas painting
Portrait of a tattooed man.
His tattoos are also realistic, but mostly black and grey.
Stunning portrait of Clint Eastwood...
Gorgeous female portrait.
Rad James Hetfield!
Top model Kate Moss.
An intricate sleeve.
From the tattoo...
... to the canvas. What do you prefer?
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