Tattoo Artist Traces The Flow Of Bodies To Create Unique Tattoos

Tattoo Artist Traces The Flow Of Bodies To Create Unique Tattoos

This tattoo artist traces the flow of bodies to create unique and stunning vein-like designs on each of her clients.
For Sanne Vaghi, it's all about the flow.
By Sanne Vaghi
Sanne Vaghi vein tattoo
Sanne Vaghi vein tattoo
Stunning owl tattoo
Tattooist Sanne Vaghi is no med school major, but she sure got us paying extra attention to our body anatomy. She tattoos intricate lines that look like veins on each client's body. As much as possible, she makes her pieces envelop the individual's skin as free-flowing as she can. Sanne has always been fascinated by nature, and how graceful its pattern and harmony circulates on its own. That's something she'd like her works to reflect.
Beautiful chest piece
Awesome artwork by Sanne Vaghi
Swallow tattoo on the side
Lion tattoo
Sanne describes her work as ‘fine line, abstract, organic work.’ Her work isn't just a manifestation of herself as an artist, but also extends to her spiritual growth and personal experiences in general.
Artsy backpiece
By Sanne Vaghi
Octopus tattoo
Lines play a big role in Sanne's works. She follows the flow of one's body in order to create a unique piece which will wrap perfectly to the individual's body.
By Sanne Vaghi
Beautiful artwork
Unique tattoo under the feet
Eye tattoo
It's all about the line
It's like the lovechild of unconventional blackwork tattoos and watercolor tattoos, made by the hands of a former medical technician.
Unique flow tattoo
It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but that doesn't change the way we see Sanne's works as beautifully organic and pulsing.
Sanne Vaghi
For a few years now, Sanne has been filling in guest spots all over Europe. Originally from Netherlands, the female tattoo artist has since then moved to Berlin, calling the city her home for the last couple years.
Deer tattoo
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