Tattoo Artist You Should Get To Know: Jason Stephan

The Rockledge, Florida artist Jason Stephan does sweet full color tattoos!
He is currently a resident at Loose Screw tattoo in Virginia. His animated wildstyle tattoos have been awarded several awards. Watch the video at the end of this page to watch him talk about how art has made him the happy and accomplished person he’s become.
Rad otter neo piece via @jasonstephantattoos
incredible nautilus via @jasonstephantattoos
Funny little narwhal via @jasonstephantattoos
Jellyfish via @jasonstephantattoos
This hermit crab is sick
Funky bat via @jasonstephantattoos
jason stephan tattoo
squid tattoo via @jasonstephantattoos
Pirate creature via @jasonstephantattoos
Colorful parrot via @jasonstephantattoos
Another cool nautilus via @jasonstephantattoos
Thumbs up for this sleeve via @jasonstephantattoos
Full chest piece via @jasonstephantattoos
Gorgeous pheonix on a full back via @jasonstephantattoos