Tattoo Artist You Should Get To Know: Katia Somerville

Katia Somerville is a passionate artist specialized in sacred geometric tattoos.
She also likes doing dotwork, mandala, patterns and mendhi style. The best part about working with Katia is that she likes to take the time to exchange with each client before inking. She says it is important to make sure that the experience is as memorable as possible. Let us know if you liked Katia's tattoos! :)
This dreamcatcher is rad via @rainfiretattookatia
rainfiretattookatia sacred geometry hand mandala
rainfiretattookatia sacred geometry mandala
katia sacred geometry nice sleeve
Nice side piece via @rainfiretattookatia
rainfiretattookatia sacred geometry sleeve
rainfiretattookatia sacred geometry thigh mandala
"Underboob" or sternum tattoos are beautiful
Nice half sleeve via @rainfiretattookatia
"Break out the sunshine" via @rainfiretattookatia
"Visions from the deep" via @rainfiretattookatia
If you would like to experience a relaxing and peacefull tattoo session with Katia just drop her a message. She’s the owner at Rainfire Tattoo studio located in Vancouver, BC. Now you know where to find her :)