Tattoo Roulette Video Of Awful Tattoos

The infamous artist and producer Michael 'aka Mr. Kaves' McLeer from world famous Brooklyn Made Tattoo is in the featured video.
The "plinko" game is played in two parts for a chance to win a free (but awful) tattoo from Mr. Kaves himself. I always prefer to see meaningful tattoos go down, but this video was 2 minutes of pure entertainment! I can't believe they had a 'Game of Thrones Jon Snow is Alive' tattoo! Check below to see the other crazy tattoos these NYC bon vivants were facing like the 'Jar Jar Binks' portrait and the Al Gore presidential logo.
Tattoo Roulette is now a thing.
Part 1 consists of getting your design
tattoo designs are nice and simple (by Elite Daily)
and in part two the body part.
these body parts are not too bad... FACE?!?
check out this dudes face when sees 'FACE' on there!
RIP tattoo
Home improvement tattoo
Tattoo artist in action