Teen Farmer Raises Eyebrows With His Cow Tattoo

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First of all, I had to double check if this piece of news wasn't sh-tting with me because people raising their eyebrows over a farmer who got a cattle tattooed on his arse isn't actually something that would make me bat an eye or anything. But considering that I've seen some pretty screwed up tattoos, maybe that explains it.


People were shaking their heads over 18-year-old Magnus Line's ‘questionable’ tattoos  of a cow's head with the letters “NRF” scrawled beneath it. It stands for ‘Norsk rødt fe,’ the traditional Norweigan breed he has in the farm where he works.

When The Local, an English news site based in Norway, asked the young man what made him get this ‘oh-so-shocking’ tattoo, he replied, “The cow is the coolest. I work with them almost every day, so why not?”

via The Local
via The Local

“I love to work with cows. I like the [way] that every cow has its own personality and the way they produce so much food for people,” he added.

Magnus is not the only one in his town with a cow tattoo on his bottom. Thor Helge Garborg, a farmer from a nearby farm in Bryne, also has one. So when he heard about Line's tattoo from other farmers on Facebook, he was inspired to show off his tattoo.

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“I guess I just wanted a tattoo and I’m a milk farmer so I decided to get a cow. I love cows. Nothing more than that. I just like cows,” he told The Local.

See? Perfectly harmless. They just happen to love cows a bit too much. So if people are thinking that these lads are in some kind of relationships with their cattle, that's totally messed up.

via Giphy
via Giphy

I mean, if I have a cow like this one though, I'd totally get a cow tattoo myself.



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