The Poetic Watercolor Tattoos Of Martyna Popiel

The Poetic Watercolor Tattoos Of Martyna Popiel

With the craze of watercolor tattoos, many new artists are rising. Let's take the time to admire the work of Martyna Popiel.
This young artist is working in the arty tattoo shop Ink Miners, in Katowice, in Poland. Evolving between the universes of Sasha Unisex and David Côté, two similar graphic tattoo artists, Martyna creates little tattoos with catchy colors. Her tattoos are often psychedelic and magical, even a bit esoteric, with cosmic nebulas and northern lights. She also does many Nature tattoos, with delicate vegetables, adorable animals as well as peaceful and inspiring landscapes. Forgetting about the outlines, Martyna Popiel plays with modern techniques of watercolouring and pixel art. The nerdy result is attracting ink collectors, who wish to have something vibrant on their skin. If you wish to see more of her creations for your inspiration, you can reach her on her Facebook page or her Instagram account.
Gorgeous dragonfly...
Sunset on the forest.
Graphic sidepiece.
Cosmic scarab.
Lovely key hole tattoo...
Watercolor tattoo
Vivid colors!
For pigeons lovers...
Gorgeous landscape...
By Martyna Popiel
Elegant vegetal piece.
Cute rabbit.
Art Nouveau lady.
Poetic wolf.
By Martyna Popiel
For cats and books lovers!
Cool Afro girl.
Martyna Popiel at work.
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