The Tattoo Alphabet: Pick Your Letter(S)!

The Tattoo Alphabet: Pick Your Letter(S)!

Name tattoos are quite common, to pay a tribute to loved ones.
But, when you want to keep it private and subtle, you can only ink the initial letter of a name. And if you are experiencing self-love, then you would prefer a badass monogram... To get the best tattoo possible, you need to come up with the perfect font and design. You can be creative, with poetic and cool adornements. There are many types of typography or calligraphy out there to give an original and gorgeous look to your special alphabet letter... Our tattoo alphabet is just a bit of inspiration, with various ideas you can play with! So, what's your letter and how do you want/have it tattooed?
Graphic A by Mariusz Trubisz.
Dotwork B by Romain BlackSpirit.
Badass C by Yeyo Mondragon.
Fancy D by Jaimie Coloma.
Geometric E by Ben Volt.
3D F by Xiaohui Chen.
Precious G by Anne.
Butterfly colored H by Tyler Hendrick.
Terrific engraving I by Sasha Masiuk...
Pretty J. Could you credit it?
Bold K by Andy Blanco.
Cute L by Clare La-La Lambert.
Energic M by Pain Ting.
Calligraphy N by MxM.
Sporty O by Myles McCain.
Vegetal P by Adrenaline Tattoos.
Card Q by Eric.
Gothic R by Micky Mors.
Spraypaint S by Tayfun Bezgin.
Old manuscript T by Ryan Lientz.
Surrealistic U by Vitaly Levin.
Illuminated V by Johno.
Wu-Tang W by Daniel Jay.
Joker X by Gael Ricci.
Natural Y by Graffittoo.
Dream-catching Z by Anna Gorogodskaya.
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