These Mushroom Tattoos Are Trippy!

These Mushroom Tattoos Are Trippy!

Fall is coming, and with it, mushroom are growing in forests...
They're indeed poetic and sometimes delicious, but when it comes to mushroom tattoos, they are often quite weird... Not surprising, as mushrooms are also a symbol of rave parties and drugs. Some mushrooms are hallucinogenic, and used for psychedelic experiences... But beware of the toxic ones! Everything is legal and safe with these mushroom tattoos, and some of them will really astonish you. For all the Nature lovers and the fans of trippy tattoos, let us introduce some poetic or bizarre mushroom tattoos...
Pretty neo traditional hand full of mushrooms by Alessia Pedrosa.
Cool graphic piece by Barbara Kiczek.
Crystal meth... oops mushrooms! By Betsy Butler.
The most famous of them all!! By Bobby Leash.
Yuk! By Cassie Eisenhour.
Colorful piece by Chongzi Tattoo.
Awesome collaboration between Eric Guidry and Levi Hilton...
Cute tattoo by Esther Garcia.
Very poetic... By Giena at 9th circle.
Looking toxic by H. H. Littlesky.
Trippy piece by Johnny Stallings...
Another psychedelic tattoo, by Kevin Dixon.
Pop art by Lan Pravda.
This owl is high... By Laura Lawrence.
Fancy mushrooms by Lorena Morato.
The secret life of mushrooms??? By Nika Samarina.
Great blackwork by Noksi.
Stylish piece by Onnie O'Leary.
Incredible tattoo by Radu Rasu.
Bizarre yet pretty elf by Torie Larson.
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