These Sketch Tattoos Are So Artistic!

These Sketch Tattoos Are So Artistic!

If you are following the new tattoo styles, you must already know sketch tattoos.
When drawing a tattoo design, tattoo artists are passing by the same steps as other artists, including the raw sketch step. But some arty ink lovers don't want their tattoo to look like a finish product. They enjoy the messy aspect of sketch tattoos, teamed with other contemporary graphic effects such paint drips, watercolor and trash style. Inspired by Fine Arts, sketch tattoos are captures of everyday life, or studies of objects and animals. The creativity is limitless and some tattoo artists are even famous for their sketch style. If you are curious about contemporary tattoo art, you could be seduced by these original sketch tattoos...
Cute one by Ael Lim...
Creative piece by Barbara Kiczek.
Lovely bunny by Black Nail TaTToo...
Fun Deadpool tattoo by Flound_So!
Crazy piece by George Drone.
Beautiful horse by Knot.
Scarab by Kolory Skory.
The art of Léa Nahon.
Poetic piece by Łukas Zglenicki.
Gorgeous thigh piece by Nomi Chi.
Another noble horse by Richard Blackstar.
Adorable Alice by Russel Van Schaick.
Flamenco dancer by Sandro Secchin Simão.
Ready to eat? By Satips.
The work of Victor Montaghini.