Watch This: What's The Worst Thing That Can Happen While Piercing?

Getting a piercing is one of the most thrilling thing you could willingly go through. But then what about the piercer?

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What's the worst thing that can happen while piercing a customer? Watch this.

Anybody who has ever experienced sitting in that chair, awaiting the hollow needle, knows how that weird sensation of knowing the inevitable pain to come and knowing at the same time you'll be modified once more in a matter of seconds. Whether you get body modifications for ornamental purposes or for something deeper, the feeling is all too familiar.

But from the piercer's side, it's quite different. For one, it's their profession; it's what they do everyday. But like any other job, they may encounter things they aren't really prepared for. Watch this one for example.

Got any piercing horror stories of your own? Spill it to us!



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