Woman Beater Tattoo Artist James 'dakota' Bond Caught By Police!!!

Woman Beater Tattoo Artist James 'dakota' Bond Caught By Police!!!

James 'Dakota' Bond has been on the run for the past 8 months, but woman beater tattoo artist has finally been caught and arrested!!!!
James 'Dakota' Bond, a tattoo artist from Brooklyn fled his studio back in January after his girlfriend reported an attack on her by him. Alexandra Rose Johnson, Bond's then girlfriend, took to Facebook to describe the savage beating she received from Bond, which included being punched, kicked and whipped with a metal chain!! After the attack Bond also threatened to kill her!! Tattoodo shared this horrifying story back in March when the hunt for Bond was well under way and now we can thankfully say the hunt is over and Bond has been arrested!
Alexander Rose Johnson after Bond attacked her!!
The hunt for Bond finally came to an end on Wednesday night when he was apprehended at a gas station in Louisiana- over 1200 miles from where he fled!! His appearance had also changed considerably, his shaved head now covered with long dark hair and face hidden by a thick beard! Clearly his efforts were in vane!! The police were called to the gas station after reports of an aggressively acting male. When questioned Bond gave a false name and only after finger printing him did the police discover his true identity.
Bond back in January
Bond Now
Upon searching his car the police came across a large amount of ammunition, weaponry and body armor!!
Bond's illegal firearms
The initial search for Bond began after his girlfriend of 3 months reported him to the police and shared her story on Facebook, causing Bond to flee! Bond's savage beating of Johnson occurred after her first shift at a new job, a shift Bond demanded she leave early before accusing her of cheating on him with a number of her colleagues! Of course Bond's accusations were completely untrue and escalated with him drinking!! Even after he fled the area Bond continued to send threatening messages to Johnson and even attempted to break into her apartment.
Johnson took to Facebook so Bond's crime would not go unrecognized!!!
Shortly after his disappearance Bond's tattoo shop Morning Star Tattoo closed its website and later reopened as Brunswick Tattoo. It has since been reported by the police that Bond has a history of committing violent crimes including robbery and assault for which he spent 18  months in jail. It is perhaps not a surprise then that Bond reportedly has 10 outstanding cases against him in Oregon and another 10 in New York!!

Thankfully this woman beating artist is currently being held in St. Tammany Parish Jail where Bond has been charged with illegal possession of firearms, he is also subject to further investigations relating to other crimes committed by him! Hopefully now he can answer for the disgusting crimes he has committed and the hurt and pain he caused!!