Wwe: 10 Meanings Behind Superstar Tattoos!

Wwe: 10 Meanings Behind Superstar Tattoos!

If you were to take a walk through the locker room of the WWE you would see an abundance of ink!
Modern wrestling stars just love tattoos, of course the look isn't for everyone and a number of stars remain body art free. The ones that are tattooed however have the eyes of the world on their ink and talk of WWE tattoos is a common wrestling subject, which for the most part focuses on the question on the lips of all fans- what does their tattoo mean??
Well maybe now you can find out, because here are 10 WWE stars and the meaning behind their ink!!!
10. Brock Lesnar- Dagger/Sword
Dagger tattoo
The debate of whether Lesnar's tattoo is a sword or dagger is quite the talking point, but did you know it was a drunk tattoo? Yep, Lesar got his chest tattoo while drunk, at a time when he was in legal disputes with the WWE who were trying to stop him from wrestling in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Inspired by the feeling of Vince McMahon holding a sword to his throat Lesnar's dramatic sword tattoo reminds him of the tough times he's come through and the the negativity he overcame... he obviously overcame it enough to come back and work for Vince!!
9. Lita- Iconoclast and Punk
Lip tattoo
Lita's most recognized tattoo is the one on her arm which she got while travelling through Europe, on a brief visit to Amsterdam Lita stopped by a tattoo shop and gave the artist the freedom to do whatever he liked on her arm!! The more menaingful of Lita's tattoos are the ones you rarely see!

On the back of her neck in Russian lettering is the word 'Iconoclast', a form of rebel! On the inside of her lip she also has the word 'Punk' tattooed. While it is not a tribute to her ex CM Punk, it is a reminder of her time living in a group house with a punk band and tattoo artist!
8. Brie Bella- Bear Claws
Bear claws tattoo
Barely visible on the waist line of her ring attire Brie Bella has two bear paws/claws adorned on her inner hips. Although the ink has been a source of jokes from fans the tattoo actually has a deeply meaningful story. At 18 Bella's then boyfriend tragically passed away, impacting her greatly. After his death she found spirituality and got the tattoo as a reminder of her departed lover!

Admittedly the location is slightly questionable for such a personal tattoo...you also can't help but wonder how her husband Daniel Bryan feels about the inking!!
7. The Undertaker
Full sleeve tattoos on both of his arms
Perhaps the guy responsible for bringing tattoos into the WWE the Undertaker is a walking advert for black and grey dark art. Yet his best known tattoo is the one he no longer has, at one time the name of his wife 'Sara' rested on his throat, it was the wedding ring he could never take off...it was however one he could cover after they divorced!

The Undertakers other most recognizable tattoo is the 'B.S.K Pride' on his stomach, it stands for Bone Street Krew/Back Stage Krew. The B.S.K were a group of wrestlers headed by the Undertaker in the early 90s as a retaliation to the other backstage group the Kliq which was headed by Shawn Michaels.
6. Wade Barrett- Culture, Alienation, Boredom and Despair
Banner tattoo
A trademark image of Bad News Barrett is the rose and banner covering his upper arm. Inscribed with the words 'Culture, Alienation, Boredom and Despair' the tattoo is a tribute to his favorite band The Manic Street Preachers whose 1992 song 'Little Baby Nothing' includes the above line!

...We won't mention the weird tribal thing he has going on, on the other arm...
5. Batista- Asian Dragon
Dragon tattoo
Batista wouldn't be Batista without the tattoos! But did you know the impressive Chinese dragon his back has two meanings, the first to represent his warrior spirit and the second to accent his muscles!! Yep the dragon acts to highlight and accentuate the muscles on Batista's back!

The other iconic Batista tattoo is the red Kanji lettering on his right bicep, which is actually a tribute to his ex-wife Angie, the Kanji translates as 'Angel'... His ink also pays homage to where he is from with 'DC Soldier' tattooed on his arm a tribute to the city he was born in.
4. Kevin Owens- Wait...Is that a Brahma Bull???
Cow tattoo
At first glance you may think Owen's is a huge fan of the Rock, fans have speculated that the bull tattoo on Owen's arm is a tribute to his fellow wrestler and while that would make a cute story it is sadly not true!!!

In reality the tattoo is a Zodiac sign, Taurus to be specific! Owen's hands are also inked up with his grandfathers initials tattooed on his fingers in a personal tribute to a loved one! A more interesting tattoo of Owen's is the 'Live' tattoo on his forearm where the 'E' is backwards as to spell 'Evil'!!
3. Seth Rollins- Bushido
Last Samurai inspired tattoo
The lettering down Rollin's spine is big part of his image, you think of Rollin's and you think of the hair, leather pants and spine tattoo! Inspired by the Tom Cruise movie The Last Samurai the tattoo is actually the Samurai warrior code (Bushido).

The letters stand for Integrity, Respect, Courage, Honor, Compassion, Honesty and Loyalty.   
2- The Rock- Samoan Heritage
Samoan tattoo
Arguably the most recognizable WWE tattoo of them all the Rock's chest and arm tattoo symbolizes his Samoan heritage and is a tribute to his family and ancestry- the complete tattoo took 60 hours to finish and tells a story of family and warrior spirit! it is essentially a timeline of the Rock's life and where he came from!

The Rock's other notable tattoo is the bull on his opposite arm, perhaps a symbol of his nickname 'The Brahma Bull', the actual reason he shares with Kevin Owen's...he's a Taurus!!
1. CM PUNK- 'I Like Pepsi'
Traditional tattoo
The tattoos of CM Punk are as bright and bold as the man himself! He has traditional work, new school, color, lettering but his best known tattoos are the 'Straight Edge' on his stomach, a tribute to the life style he lives, and the Pepsi logo on his left shoulder! The tattoo is actually a homage to guitarist Brian Baker who has a Coca-Cola tattoo and when asked why would respond with I like Coca-Cola...

When asked about his tattoo Punk's reply... I like Pepsi. 
A significant part of Punk's tattoos are the personal meaning behind them and the family and friends they honor, behind his ear is the number 31, his sisters jersey number in high school. Likewise on his hand he has No Gimmicks Needed tattooed in memory of Chris Candido!

...Although perhaps Punk's tattoos should now be considered as some of the best in UFC...
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