Your Favorite Disney Characters As Tattooed College Students

Your Favorite Disney Characters As Tattooed College Students

These tattooed Disney characters are the works of a digital artist from Spain named Rubén. He goes by the name Hyung86 on Deviant Art.
Li Shang as a second year student who practices martial arts as a hobby.
He likes to create digital fan arts of some of Disney's well-loved characters such as Stitch and Simba, turning them into street-smart, modern youths. We're thrilled to see many of these Disney characters as tattooed college students, with tattoos like sugar skulls and Harry Potter-inspired designs.  “I try to make Disney/Pixar characters in young and stylish concepts, some kind of ‘students’, something like the new Pixar's Movie: Monster University,” he explains.
Hercules, the quarterback.
Sleeping Beauty's Aurora/Briar Rose as a spunky fashion design student.
Pocahontas' John and Kocoum are both American football players playing for different teams. Both in love with the same woman.
Little Mermaid's Prince Eric, reimagined as a surfer.
David of Lilo & Stitch as another campus surfer and a friend of Eric.
The Lion King's Nala as an Education student. She loves sports, reading, and going to movie theatre. Preferably, with her boyfriend Simba.
The Lion King's Simba is a Philosophy major and a big Gryffindor fan.
The Lion King trio Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed are studying Political Science under their favorite professors, Scar and Jafar.
Stitch is reimagined as an international student (from far, far away) who came to study IT and robotics.His first project in college was to create a robot named Baymax with his best friend Hiro.
Tarzan, as the city skater.
Tarzan's best friend and fellow skater, Jim of Treasure Planet.
Atlantis' Milo as an Archeology student.
Mowgli of The Jungle Book as an Archaeology student who is friends with Tarzan and Kenai.
The Emperor's New Groove's Kronk as a Culinary Arts student.
Kovu of Lion King II: Simba's Pride as the bad boy of the university. He has his own band, "The Second Ones" with Kronk (drums), Melody (voice) and John Rolfe (Bass).
Robin Hood, as an English major and the leader of the Archery club at the university.
In this parallel universe, Big Hero 6's Tadashi is very much alive and is studying a 6-year robotic course with his younger brother, Hiro.
Bolt is studying Drama. Check out that lightning bolt behind-the-ear tattoo!
The Princess and the Frog's Prince Naveen is forced to study Political Science by his controlling parents.
Lars is supposed to be one of Frozen's the Southern Isles' princes.
Can't forget about the only inked professor!
Gaston and Phil are Phys-Ed instructors.
Give this man a job at Disney! See more of Rubén's works here.
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