10 Crazy Hulk Hogan Tattoos

10 Crazy Hulk Hogan Tattoos

Hulk Hogan is easily one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. That is what makes these crazy Hulk Hogan tattoos awesome.
A WWE hall of famer, Hogan always gets the crowd wild when he walks into the ring. Hulkamania is one of the biggest things in the wrestling world so these Hulk tattoos are definitely worth checking out!
Funny tattoo of the Hulk Hogan photo that was viral in social media, crazy but solid tattooing though!
That look Hogan gives when he's 'boutta do some ass whoopin'!
Cute little Hulk Hogan Kewpie, great tattoo idea!
Another funny Hulk infinity portrait, again, amazing tattoo!
Wrestling themed tattoo featuring Hulk Hogan and other WWE super stars.
NWO Hulk Skull tattoo
Hulk portrait tattoo, looking ok!
Funny Hulk Hogan filler tearing up his top!
Amazing photo realistic Hulk Hogan tattoo
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