10 Dragon Ball Tattoos That Actually Look Awesome

10 Dragon Ball Tattoos That Actually Look Awesome

There are a lot of Dragon Ball Tattoos that are seen on thw web, but here we only have 10 of them, which really look awesome as tattoos.
Being a kid who grew up in the early 90's, I had my exposure to one of the best cartoons that came around during that time, Dragon Ball.
dragon ball tattoo by @perjtattoo
dragon ball tattoo by craig holmes
Dragon Ball hand tattoo
Super clean Super Saiyan Goku tattoo
Solid Nintendo themed tattoo with young Goku
Kid Buu aka Majinbuu
Shenron holding the Dragon Balls
Crazy Piccolo tattoo coming out of the skin!
Traditional style Gotenks tattoo with rose.
Funny old school Krillin tattoo
I hope you guys got some inspiration after looking at these Dragon Ball tattoos! Be sure to checkout the Tattoodo blog for more tattoo ideas, awesome artists and solid tattoos.